Expert Consulting

For over 25 years, Cline Associates has incorporated cutting edge ideas and innovations within successful market strategies for an array of products and services. We have a great track record of growing sales for clients through creation and implementation of strategies for the convenience store channel. Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Market measurement
  • TrueTest pilot program
  • Portfolio development & product launch

Market Measurement

The keys to a successful convenience store program are determined by the marketability of the product or service relative to its competitors. Cline Associates delivers answers to our clients before the product or service launch, saving time and money.

  • Who are the existing competitors at key retailers?
  • Who are the existing competitors at key wholesalers?
  • What should the retail price point be?
  • What is the timing for category presentations and decisions?
  • Planogram considerations

TrueTest Pilot Program

Want to know if your product has what it takes to succeed? Our proprietary TrueTest Pilot Program will expose your product to the market through C-Stores on a limited basis. This innovative program minimizes risk to convenience stores and provides immediate feedback to clients regarding products. Through our relationship with both wholesale and retail customers, we deliver immediate trials at retail.

  • Placement in high volume stores
  • Scanning from the retail locations offers real time sell through data
  • Sales information creates selling story for full scale product launch
  • Recommendations for product or marketing changes

Portfolio Development and Product Launch

Many companies are new to the convenience store channel and have not developed the basic introduction strategy required by wholesaler and retailer customers. Cline Associates will provide clear direction through each step of the process.

  • Pricing and specification sheets
  • Pricing and promotional concepts
  • Wholesaler and retailer programs
  • Customer presentations
  • Survey sheets